the shade in this photo set could cause an eclipse

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Daley and Marsha Ambrosious …very talented duo

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I feel like the entire fandom is all about Delena. I just want to see how many people out there are still clinging to Stelena like me.

Definitely not. Delena fandom more vocal but still a lotnof Stelena fans out here.

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the way he takes care of her

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AALIYAH MTV Diary 2001 (Better Quality)


Lee Daniels’ The Butler

This movie is wonderful. I went to see this at the dine-in movie theater (which I had never been) and I was touched by the sensitivity this story of Eugene Allen was told (with certain dramatic license of course). Forest Whitaker and Oprah were powerful and totally enmeshed in their lead roles of Cecil and Gloria. Definitely deserving of the critical acclaim and box office success this weekend. 

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I promised I’d do a little review of last nights episode. It’s going to be more like a jumbled mess of my thoughts but I feel like I need to re watch the episode to really gauge what happened, more so with all the V3 stuff than with the Danico stuff. But anyway here we go.

I was glad Nico went…

I thoroughly enjoyed the episode. I agree with you about the first scene with Nico and Dani in her kitchen. They challenge each other and call each other out when necessary. Creates a delicious friction that is definitely fun to watch. Loved how Nico was so protective of Dani - he put the hurt on the FBI guy and killed his lunch - lol. He was just angry, edgy and just plain HOT throughout the whole episode. Of course, the last scene was great - Nico throwing down the gauntlet of  ”Why Not?” in response to Dani’s statement he can’t leave- I was literally holding my breath and then she grabbed him in that scorching kiss - go Dani. 

As far as the rest of the show, I love the intrigue and game playing. I wonder who Connor really is? Is he truly a sucky human being or is he just ruthless when it comes to protecting his business? I think the writers will do something next week to humanize him despite the sports lab issue - not sure how but I know John Stamos is not going anywhere. Troy was asking for the double cross and he got played by Connor and Bruce - game over, although I must say I enjoyed Troy’s sliminess. Glad Paloma is back and it was nice she came clean with Dani - I see lots more bonding between these two. TK needs to dispatch with Shira - she just annoys me. I am glad TK is back with Dani and Nico and they are all working together. I found it interesting that TK thinks of India as a friend (lovely girl at the lab) - she is far more likable than Shira. I cannot tell where they are going in the season finale (lots of airplanes - lol) but it will definitely be entertaining. Oh yeah, we cannot forget the mysterious Alex Careles - hopefully that will be revealed as well.  It has been a great season and there had better be a Season 4, USA.